What is the difference between "One-of-a-kind" pieces and "Collection" items?

"One-of-a-kind" pieces are styles reworked from something vintage (i.e. tapestry, upholstery, pillow, etc.) There is only one made, in one size. Due to the amount of fabric available will dictate the size. Sizes will be listed in descriptions along with a size chart to properly measure yourself.

"Collection" pieces are running styles in that particular drop made from deadstock fabric. The quantity is still very limited. Collection pieces are made to order according to the size you purchase. Pls add any comments during your purchase relating to custom sizing (i.e. your height, waist, hip, bust measurements and anything else we should know)


When will you restock?

All items are handmade from repurposed vintage materials or deadstock fabric. For that reason, everything is completely one-of-a-kind or a very limited quantity available. Once that fabric is gone, it's gone forever. I wish this wasn't the case, but that's also what makes the pieces so unique.

As for styles, we will be running a few core bodies in the fabrics sourced that month. So maybe you didn't get the one you loved this time, but you might get something you like even better next time!

We'll be doing collection drops every couple months, TBD on the number of styles per drop. 


Something I had my eye on has sold out. Can you make another?

Each piece is handmade from sustainably sourced & reclaimed materials. It is rarely possible to recreate a piece due to the limited quantity of those materials. However, similar items may be available in the future.

If there is something you absolutely love, email us and we can have something similar for the upcoming drop. 


I love this one-of-a-kind garment but it isn't my size. Are alterations possible?

Custom alterations are sometimes possible. Please contact us at info@faitparfoutch.com with all measurements and further questions.


How should I clean my garment?

It is highly reccommended that you spot clean any soiled garments and take them to a trusted professional dry cleaner. This will help maintain the integrity of the garment you have invested in.


Where are you based?

Santa Monica, CA


May I place a custom order?

Due to the recent influx of inquiries, custom orders are not accepted at this moment. This may change in the near future.


When should I expect to receive my order?

Due to the nature of handmade garments, please allow for a 3-4 week lead time. It may arrive sooner depending on varying factors. If you have a special event coming up that you are purchasing for, please email us at info@faitparfoutch.com


UPS is requesting import fees to receive my package, do I have to pay this?

Fait Par Foutch not responsible for any import fees imposed by COVID-19 or any other import fees your country may charge upon delivery. Please check with your local post office to better understand import fees and research before purchasing. 


What is your refund/return policy?

Due to the limited nature of each item, all sales are final. Please read all descriptions thoroughly before purchasing. You can also email us at info@faitparfoutch.com with any questions/concerns.